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EMF Special Enclosures

EMF can manufacture a custom enclosure to your specifications and drawings. Often is the case when we get hand sketches or "napkin" drawings of a concept enclosure. In turn, we can place this information in a 2D CAD drawing for your approval. Custom enclosure fabrication is an EMF specialty, and we enjoy seeing the results of our collaboration.

Enclosure Design Tips

Custom Design Tips

The following design tips will help you design your custom enclosure and expedite the estimation or manufacturing process.

  1. Be available to answer questions
    Creating a design for manufacture is a collaborative process. In creating a custom enclosure, it is often necessary to obtain clarification.

  2. Develop specifications
    Although a complete engineering bill of material is not always required, some definition of components, and material are always helpful.

  3. Create a drawing or a print
    Complex new designs and close tolerance forms need to be communicated with 2D line drawings, CAD or otherwise, or 3D graphic models. We can import files drawn in these formats: .DXF, .DWG, .WMF, .BMP, .EPS, .JPG

  4. For quick delivery - Utilize standards
    Modified standard designs offer the best alternative for the fastest response time in estimating or in delivery of finished product.

  5. Use our buying power!
    We have established reputable vendors that we work with and our volume buying power can save you money, and response time.

Quick Ideas

At EMF we're full of solutions. Make your project stand out with a functional enhancement. See below for some recent problem solving ideas you can add to your custom enclosure.

Pitched or Sloped Tops

Add a pitch or a slope to the top of your EMF custom enclosure to facilitate water run-off:

Custom Painting

Custom painting can add value to your enclosure product. EMF offers many options with paint including two-tone paint as shown here.

Stamped Louvers

Louvers can be stamped directly on your enclosure. Louvers are great for providing ventilation to the interior components.